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Neuroscience Summit 2020 is a prestigious platform for bringing together leading researchers in the fields of neuroscienceneurology, public health experts, academic scientists, business researchers, and academics to explore state-of-the-art research and technology. The goal of this conference is to promote new ideas in the different fields of neurology and neuroscience research; this will allow the patients to evaluate and choose the prosthesis to support. Other reasons include bringing together world-class researchers and emerging talent from around the world, showcasing your research and gaining worldwide recognition, taking advantage of opportunities to interact with world-renowned scientists, perfectly designed.

Why to attend?

Neuroscience Summit 2020 will be conducted by world-class Neurology and Neuroscience experts. Global symposia, B2B seminars and conferences will also be arranged to discuss specific neurological issues such as DementiaNeurological Diseases, the Central Nervous SystemPaediatric Neurology and Neuro-Oncology Brain Disorders, Neurosurgery and many more. Neuroscience Summit 2020's main objective is to foster awareness and enhance research aimed at developing solutions to the various challenges faced by neuroscience in recent times.

We will also provide you with the opportunity, in addition to collaboration, to interact and learn from our business partners, exhibitors and sponsors who have been valued in the healthcare field. This would also offer an opportunity to speak personally with them and assess if they could be helpful for your networking practices.

Target Audience:

Neurologists | Neuroscientists | Psychiatrists | Neuropsychologists | Neuroscience Institutions | Educational institutions | Clinical organizations | Geriatric Psychiatrists | Geriatricians | Young researchers | Students | Researchers in field of Neurology | Clinical Neurologist | Speech Therapists | Physical Therapists | Nurses | Health Organisations | Pharmaceutical companies and industries | Business delegates | Social Workers | All those providing care and treatment to patients with Neurological Disorders.

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